Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Felbrigg - more photos

More photos from Felbrigg - I couldn't resist taking a picture of this gleaming copper in the kitchen: it must keep someone busy to make it shine like this!

Below is the Orangery.  When we went inside, it isn't as big as it looks and the walls are painted white, we think to reflect the light onto the plants, but unfortunately, it also shows the damp rising and the mould. It is a dramatic and south facing building, but looks as if it could do with some tlc.

This is the stable block, where the gift shop, cafe and loos are situated.  There is also a holiday flat in this area - the window slap bang in the middle of the photo is a room in the holiday flat.  Wouldn't it be lovely to stay here and be able to roam the gardens in the evenings when all the visitors have left?

We hadn't seen a bath like this before, but the guide told us it was a slipper bath.  Not found at the property but of the same era, and used to make the room look like a dressing room, which was its last use.

This room made me think of Downton Abbey - this is the servants' hall.  The shine on those tables was quite something - they are very well polished!

This was hanging to the side of the AGA in the kitchen - it looks like a fancy spatula, and I was interested by the fancy decoration on it.

Those are the best photos from Felbrigg.  Coming up next, the trains!

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Mrs. Mac said...

Thanks for the tour! Loved the copper and the metal slipper tub!!