Saturday, 14 September 2013

We made it through

T'will be brief tonight, as it is late, but we made it through the day and all has gone well:

Gym was fine this morning in the new format of starting at extra half hour wasn't so bad, and working with the little boys was good fun, even if one of mine had a limited understanding of English!

The concert at the chapel wasn't as well attended as it could have been, but those who didn't come missed a treat - some lovely uplifting and thoughtful musical pieces, a great buffet tea, good raffle prizes and £120 in the kitty.  All good there!

The FH went to the school reunion tonight and had a lovely catch-up with folk he hadn't seen for years, and was telling stories the whole way home.  He will sleep well tonight as he is shattered with all that he has done today.  The YFG went to a Twister-and-pizza party at a friend's house and got a lift there and back, so she has had a good afternoon and evening with some friends.  The EFG came with me to visit UJ after we dropped the FH off, and UJ got out some old photos which brought back memories!  There was a whole-school photo from 1985 when my sister and I were at an independent school in Cambridge.  Sister is a tiny tot in the front row and I am in senior uniform further back.  He also had a Y11 photo of me with my year group at a different school, and the YFG was rather surprised at late Eighties teenage fashions, I think!  I also came home with a big bag of Monarch plums and the jelly stand so that I can make the crab apple jelly with the crab apples the FH brought home yesterday.

We are all home again together, and I am off to bed.  Long day, but good fun all round.


Angela said...

Make sure you have some Sabbath Rest on Sunday afternoon!

simplesuffolksmallholder said...

Hope you Sunday is peaceful to make up for yesterday

Bonnie said...

Morgan, I am new to your blog. I was captured by the John Wesley quote, but the content of your posts sealed the deal. I eagerly await your posts. Back in the 1890's my great grandfather was a Methodist circuit rider in Oklahoma Territory. He covered 13 churches and also served as a circuit judge. It was a very difficult life as he was paid by donation.The family's first home was an underground "soddy". I learned frugality from my grandmother Daisy, their youngest. Their strength came from deep faith. I am now obliged to live a simpler life and find myself recalling her many thrifty ways. She taught me racial tolerance during the difficult days of "Jim Crow" laws. We were very poor, but lucky in our heritage. Keep up your lovely messages about your frugal and faithful living. Bonnie