Sunday, 8 September 2013

Sharing on Sunday

Mrs Mac shared a website in her comment on yesterday's post, and it is amazing!  I have been popping in and out of there all day today, whenever I have had time to sit down for 5 minutes with a cup of tea.  Mavis Butterfield seems like Superwoman - check out her garden!  But there are also loads and loads of recipes, frugal tips, talk about chooks, all sorts.  I'll be adding this one to the blogroll as soon as I get a minute.

I went to a neighbouring village and took the service at their chapel this morning, then came home to lunch. This afternoon I have been busy in the garden, cutting back and trimming the triffids which my tomato plants had become, so that with the stalks a little more bare, the sun can get to the tomatoes, and hopefully they will ripen more quickly.  I picked those that were ripe and they are delicious.  Today's the day I harvested our first tomatoes of the season here.  I also cut the back lawn which was a job in itself as it had got rather overgrown, but the chooks certainly enjoyed scratching in the cuttings, which I shared amongst the yards.

This evening I have used the last of yesterday's turkey dinner to make an Asian Turkey Noodle soup for the folks for their supper.  It was a good recipe which could be adapted to make the most of what I had available.  Leftover turkey, AF soft noodles, a carrot, a red pepper from the greenhouse, half an onion, and a piece of ginger left from chutney making, all boiled up together in some vegetable stock.

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I love that site too - very inspiring!