Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Felbrigg Hall yesterday

This is the approach road into the Hall - it is quite some way off the main road to Cromer.

The Jacobean facade is a bit of a mish mash of different materials, and not terribly posh, although the builder may have also been involved in Blickling....perhaps they just had more money over there!

Here we turned the corner from the facade and we can clearly see the later extension to the rear.  

Standing with one's back to the front facade, this is the view.  Not terribly inspiring nowadays - just acres and acres of sheep grazing. 

I thought that this chair would suit the FH - looks like a very early recliner with a footrest.

This window is in the service corridor, and I just loved the shape of it, and how the outside is shaded by the wisteria - beautiful!

This is a longer view of the service corridor - the fire buckets intrigued us as some are metal but some are so old that they are actually leather!

This stained glass is in the Jacobean Great Hall at the front of the building and it is just breathtaking.

Another panel of the stained glass.

There are more photos from Felbrigg, and some of the camp site AND some of the FH's day on the trains, but I think that is enough to whet your appetites for tonight.  We are home, we are all together again, and UJ is still here tonight too, as he is staying to go to the lunch club, which resumes tomorrow.  He has been busy in the garden whilst we have been away, and we are very grateful to him!  I'll be back tomorrow with more photos to share.  Night, all xx

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