Sunday, 22 September 2013

Super Sunday

The sun has shone most gloriously here today and it has been really lovely to see it again after the cold and gloomy days we have been experiencing - we ate outside this evening and it was a treat!

The morning service went well - all about good stewardship and money - right up my street.  I took along several of my "thrifty" themed books as part of a display to illustrate my talk: I was very surprised that not one of those books was picked up and investigated after the service!  If it had been me at the service and someone was showing me books like that, I would have been straight in there to see what I could learn.

This afternoon was relaxed, and pottering about. UJ arrived and we had some lunch, and then just did a bit of this and that.  The YFG went off to start a job trimming a neighbour's lavender bushes and the EFG has been working on an experiment for biology with bread.  I made some chocolate brownies for lunchboxes whilst she had the oven on, and then I popped the chicken in for supper when she had finished.

The roast chicken was succulent and just right with the home made crab apple jelly.  The girls made a  cake whilst I was at chapel this morning, and then iced it this afternoon, so we have sent UJ home tonight with a good chunk of it.  He will be back on Wednesday.

Tonight I am going to do the minimal amount of ironing before settling down to watch Downton Abbey with my knitting.  Hope you are having a peaceful Sunday wherever you are xx

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