Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Peace and serenity

I hope these pictures can give you some idea of the peace, tranquility and relaxing nature of the situation of the caravan in the woods at Kelling Heath.  The caravan stands opposite this conservation pond, which was actually a gravel pit when I first went there as a child, and we had a swing over the pit from the big horse chestnut tree you can see further down the post.

Much of the area is left to grow wild, and paths are cut through for walkers.

This is the tree from the far side of the pond, with my back to the mature woodland and the caravans in the roadway opposite.

This is the tree from the caravan side.  We used it as a playground, climbing in the branches, about 30 years ago!

UFO?  Thought this cloud formation was worthy of a photo....

That's the caravan in the background.  It's up for sale, and will be pulled off that site at the end of the year.  Feels sad, the end of an era, the loss of another connection with my mum.  Four generations of our family have stayed on this particular pitch since my parents bought the first van there when I was 9.......

Another very similar shot.  


simplesuffolksmallholder said...

That cloud photo is weird. Were you sure it was a cloud?
Sad to have to sell your caravan after so many happy holidays on the site.
My mum had a caravan on a site in Felixstowe for a few years, it would be rented out sometimes but me, my sister, and mum would stay there for a couple of weeks while dad was working. I had THE best time on those holidays aged about 13 or 14, out all day roaming around the town and beach and the site.

Morgan said...

@SSS - yes, it was a cloud! It was rather wispier round the edges than the photo shows, and I joked with the FH that it looked just like a UFO through the lens of the camera!

As for the caravan, yes, it is a shame. My mum and dad bought the first one, then my dad and uncle had the second one, I think, and now my sister and my uncle have this one! Complicated stories, but all the same family. The campsite have quite rigorous rules about leases and how old caravans can be, and I think that they were under some pressure to replace it.