Sunday, 15 September 2013

Sunday blessings

Welcome to my new readers, especially Bonnie!  Good to have you here.

Today has been good all round: chapel this morning, a lovely roast lamb dinner tonight, my dad visiting, for whom we lit the woodburner for the first time this season, and catching up with one of our favourite tv detectives, Vera, tonight for the last time this series.  Downton Abbey will be back next Sunday, and autumn will really be here!

No crocheting done, unfortunately, but I did get the ironing basket up to date, which is very stress-relieving...and had a good chat when my dad was here.

The girls have geared themselves up for the week ahead, and I made some chocolate brownies for the YFG's lunchbox, but she seems to have had a few samples already!

I hope you all have a good week, and we'll catch up tomorrow with the September frugalling challenge - it's Monday monitoring tomorrow.  See you then.

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Bonnie said...

Thank you for the warm welcome, Morgan! I'm wondering about your brownie recipe. I've lost my frugal "brownies for a crowd" recipe. It used cocoa powder instead of baking chocolate bars. I'm stashing away baked goods for our coffee hour after Sunday service and I need a good variety. So far I've made three kinds of zucchini bread. Guess what's growing like crazy in my veg patch?
Blessings, Bonnie