Thursday, 12 September 2013

Counting the blessings today

Lots of them too!

  • The FH was given a load of plums, 8lbs of them, which I have been able to make into jam because I had enough sugar in the storecupboard.  Totally unexpected today, and a lovely surprise.  He also brought home eating apples and pears - all from a back garden orchard in the village.
  • I found some reduced-to-clear pork in the Co-op this morning and have just used it to make a huge batch of Sweet and Sour pork using Froog's recipe, and will be stashing it in the freezer shortly, adding to my bank of home-made ready-meals.
  • Today agreed to do some after school gym sessions at the school, so that is more income in the future.
  • Sold five GPOs today which were this year's hatching, so that is a little cash in the pot for savings this month.  Just got the hen who has fits left, and a couple of cockerels.  They may get fattened for the pot, and the hen will go in with the main flock when she is a bit older.  
  • I left a couple of boxes of bargain books at the village toddler group this morning and sold some! Another little boost to the savings and more books off the shelves in the garage - I am determined to get rid of them all this year!
  • I have done the Davina DVD for four days in a row, and can't hardly get up from sitting down from all the squats, but I have survived - one more day and then two days off - can't wait!
Hope you have all had a blessed day one way or the other.  See you tomorrow, and thank you for all the comments lately: it is lovely to hear from you when you have got time to say Hello xx

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Judy Y said...

Wow Morgan you've had an exceptionally good day!

Always good to count our blessings :)