Thursday, 5 September 2013

I tried!

This is me, "coming back later" although sadly unable to deliver all I promised earlier.  Today has been one thing after another all day - hassles at the school, problems with the minister for Sunday, people dropping in, and all that jazz.....not a minute to think or plan for much at all.

The girls both had a good day at school and told us all about it when they got home - lots of positives, and the YFG is pleased with her new textiles projects in the pipeline.  The EFG is less chuffed that she has to be in school all day tomorrow, and her first lesson is not until 2.20pm, so she will have to take something to do; she has been given some homework today, but not that much!

The shopping trip to Aldi did at least go well, and I spent just enough to get the £5 off, so at least I can count that as a success.  Brain ache now, so going to bed in the hope of a more productive day tomorrow xx

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