Friday, 6 September 2013

Big clutterbusting success

We moved the clutterbusting up a level today and actually got paid for some of the stuff we moved on!  The FH noticed an ad in the paper from someone offering to buy older items [I hesitate to say antiques, because they weren't!] and she was here with her husband and a small wad of cash within two hours.

We moved on some old Sindy furniture, some of it still boxed up, from my long-ago childhood, which has been boxed up here for years.  We released some other things so that new people can enjoy them, I keep telling myself!  All in all, I estimate we busted at least 50 items out of here today, and we made some space!

It is better to get things moving so that space can be made in one's life for new "things" - not necessarily items, but perhaps experiences and opportunities.  I have realised that I have been hanging on to things for the wrong reasons, and this clutterbusting that I have been doing in August and September has really changed my outlook.  I have to let go, and let new chances come along.....someone said today that we have 110 days to Christmas [I did hear another person say 109, but who's really counting yet?!] so we have only a few more until 2014, and who knows what that will bring?  This autumn is already shaping up to be challenging, interesting and good fun.


Judy Y said...

Well done! It's so great to get rid of stuff and to get paid for it, is even better!


Wannabe Sybil said...

Clutterbusting is a way of looking at things differently. You realise that things are holding you down and clogging you up instead of freeing you and supporting you. I am so in awe of fifty things! WS xxx