Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Gone awry

I had plans for today, quite simple ones, but plans nevertheless.  Might as well not have bothered as today has had to be a day when I reacted to what needed to be done, rather than following my plans.  These days come along sometimes.

My plan was to spend the day baking once I had dropped the car into the garage for its service and new tyres [let's not go there - it is going to hurt the wallet rather, but it needed to be done and the money is in the bank - and it is better to be safe than sorry!].

However, once I had been down the village to drop off more Macmillan posters and to collect jam jars that two people had offered me, and pick up some free green tomatoes, I came home so that the FH could have his car to go to the Wednesday lunch club.

When I arrived home, he was waiting for me at the door, telling me that the EFG had been taken ill at school and I needed to get over there.  "On my bike?" I believe I said.... We worked out a bit of a complicated way of getting everyone where they needed to be with the limitations of the vehicles available, and I toddled off to get her and brought her home.

It is now 12.30pm and I haven't made a thing.

I had to take the car back to the FH at 1pm, so I had a cuppa and a sit down for a minute or three.  Once he was home again, we started chopping tomatoes, apples and onions for the pickle.  It looked like this before it was cooked:

I had to leave it cooking in the care of the FH and UJ whilst I went off down the village on my bike to meet a lady at chapel and get the room all set up for the Macmillan coffee morning on Friday - the lady is off to Skegness on a bus trip tomorrow so today was the only opportunity we had to get together.

They managed not to burn it and I came home to a lovely pan of this:

This is now in four huge jars, labelled and resting in a dark place to mature, whilst we are still eating some from 2011.

Once the pickle was pickled, I was then able to deal with a request from FGS's dad to get him some info about parenting courses....that was interesting.  One lady at a children's centre launched into telling me about a course dealing with behaviour, sanctions, consequences and rewards, and I had to tell her that the child would need to grow a bit before we needed to worry about that.  Eating, sleeping and nappy changes are the only things on his agenda at the moment.  

Tonight, after supper, the FH decided to cook down some apples that UJ had brought me, and I remembered Sue's post about making apple sauce in jars, and so I nabbed enough and made 7 jars of apple sauce - I wonder if Sue realises that there are people all over the blogsphere making apple sauce this week because of her inspiring post!  It does look good, and I might make more.

I have now had an hour on the phone with the FGS's dad, talking with him about his plans and the courses I have found, and I still have not made a single cake today!

I have plans for tomorrow.....


Lesley said...

The best laid plans...! I often have days like that too. I hope the EFG is feeling better.

I have childhood memories of green tomato chutney. It was the one and only time my Mum made it, and she made so much I think I ate it for years in my packed lunch. Fortunately I liked it!

I also have an apple glut, but we don't use apple sauce much so I have been stewing it for crumble. We've also bought a juicer, (not cheap, but will hopefully be used for years), so I have been playing with that.

Sue said...

It sounds like one of those days when you feel like you've not got much done but you've actually been whizzing round like a whirlwind, I know them so well !!

Your jars of Apple Sauce look wonderful, I'm onto Pear Sauce today to see if that works, fingers crossed :-)

Wannabe Sybil said...

Man proposes but God disposes - somedays you are just blown by the wind. I hope EFG is feeling better. I also have a glut of apples, so thank you for the link. WS xxx

simplesuffolksmallholder said...

I hope your Thursday is going more to plan. The sun is shining so all will be well in the end!

Morgan said...

Thank you all - the EFG is feeling better today and has gone to school. Ginger cakes are cooked and I have a lemon sponge in the process now - just having 5 minutes with a cuppa!