Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Week two meal plan

This week, the freezer is becoming depleted, and the meat stocks are lower...but they are not "low" yet, just less than they were, which is a good thing, after all!  The cupboards are still looking very healthy and we have plenty of most things.  It is just the fresh stuff which needs replenishing really.

The meal plan for this week looks like this:

Tuesday [gym/hockey night] - Shepherd's Pie - made and chilled for them to help themselves as this worked really well the other week.  And there was a little left for me when I got home!

Wednesday [Guides night] - Sticky chicken - chicken thighs cooked in a simple sauce, and easily done in the mini-oven to reduce electricity costs too.  This will be served with veg.  I will be at home in the afternoon so I can have this ready to eat before Guides.  The FH will have eaten a meal at the lunch club, so this is just for the girls and I; he and UJ will have a sandwich and a piece of cake.

Thursday [Piano lesson] - Sausages/pork chops - the YFG can't eat a piece of pork but she can eat sausages, so we have to accommodate that when we have pork.  Two pork chops have been languishing in the freezer for quite long enough!  This will be served with veg and gravy.

Friday [gymnastics] - Soup and hot toasted sandwiches - I won't be home until 8pm and I will be tired, so  I am planning an easy night - there is soup in the freezer as well as a few tins in the cupboard, so they can choose soup and have some hot cheese sandwiches with it.  Easy night all round!

Saturday [gymnastics & ballet] - Meatballs and spaghetti with sauce - and possibly veg as well.

We do eat a lot of veg and I currently have fresh cauliflower, carrots, broccoli and cabbage in the fridge, along with peppers and mushrooms.  The YFG is not keen, but will eat fruit like nobody's business, and the EFG is very good with her veg.

Sunday will depend on what we fancy and what is left in the depths of the freezer - there is some fish in there, some belly pork, more mince, and lots of chicken breasts, so there are plenty of options.

Last night was a DIY kind of menu...the FH took a friend out to look at a local residential home in another village and was treated to a steak and kidney pie lunch in a pub, so he didn't need a lot for supper!  He just had the leftovers of the casserole and dumplings meal from the night before, but probably didn't eat as much as he would have done if he hadn't had the S&K pie.  The YFG had the last piece of battered fish in the box, and the EFG and I shared two lamb steaks from a pack reduced to clear in Tesco.  We all had veg with our various bits and pieces!

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