Thursday, 4 October 2012

Avoiding temptation

It is no small matter to try to avoid the temptation to spend money!  It is one thing to make a conscious decision to stay out of the shops, but it is another to have to battle your way through the offers in one's inbox in the email account!

Just in the last two days, I have had several notifications from Approved Foods of new things which have come into stock, an invitation from the Book People to take advantage of a 10% off event, and scores of other emails from companies which I deal with, trying to prod me into visiting their websites and parting with some money....

Whilst I would say that the easiest answer is to unsubscribe from all these temptations, the reality is that I do take advantage of some of these offers occasionally, and I rely on some of these companies to tell me when they are having sales because I don't visit their websites very often.

But this month, the quickest way to avoid the lure is to delete the email quick smart!


Gill - That British Woman said...

I so know how you feel. Got an email from M & S about a 50% off sale, I deleted it before I could even read I knew I would be tempted!!!

Gill in Canada

silversewer said...

Unsubscribe the AF emails and just go onto the site as and when you want to. I stopped getting their emails as I getting one and two a day.

Angela said...

Oh I know - it is so hard to put a Book People catalogue straight into the recycling bin without even looking inside!

Come on sister, we CAN do this!!

blessings xx

Morgan said...

Thanks for the encouragement - the Book People catalogue is in the bin and I will be taking the advice about AF.

Thank you all xx