Friday, 12 October 2012

Choices in Stoptober

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The peace and tranquility of the north Norfolk coast is beckoning me again!  My sister has let me know that there is a convenient vacant week at the caravan she and UJ have in the Kelling Heath woodlands, so we could hire it for a few days if we wanted to......

We have been in the October half-term before, and the caravan is warm and cosy, so the weather poses no problem, and we can wrap up warmly when we go out and about if needs be.

We like the area, and we love pottering around Sheringham, Cromer and Holt, and rarely actually venture much further than those towns when we are there.  We are creatures of habit and prefer the familiar - that might sound boring to some, but we enjoy it there.  Fakenham means a stop at Morrison's and the YFG and FH get to share some of their preferred doughnuts!

Our window of opportunity is limited to three nights, because I am helping with the Sunday service on the 28th, and the FH has to be back on the Wednesday to go to Papworth for a check up early on Thursday morning.  Nipping off Sunday lunch time is feasible.

The girls want to go, and UJ is available for chicken sitting duties, so there is a lot in favour of the mini-break.  My sister has even told me how to access the internet on the site in case the girls have any homework they have to do that week.

BUT it is Stoptober, and I made that commitment in my head to spend the minimum amount this month, and going away will incur costs - the caravan will be £120 [if she hasn't put the price up] and there will be fuel, activities, and some shopping probably - I know that there are a couple of shops we haven't been near for three years that would have to be visited.  

Botheration!  We will decide tomorrow, perhaps...


Angela said...

Go for it!
Fakenham is good - but best on a Thursday [market, and coffee in parish church and all those fab charity shops]
Stroll along the waters edge at Wells with a bag of chips
Smile indulgently at the Rich Ladies of Holt in their overpriced Boden and Cath Kidston
Paddle at Cromer [mind the crabs!]
sadly we are there the week before, 22nd-26th, or I'd suggest meeting up!
do hope you manage the break- you need it x

Lesley said...

It sounds lovely. Would it be "cheating" to do make the first week of November a minimum spend week instead?