Thursday, 25 October 2012

Radio Times offer for UK - today only

There is a special offer HERE for the Radio Times for 12 issues for just £1.  Just put it in your diary to cancel the subscription after the £1 has been charged to your account!

Thanks to the forums at MSE for that great moneysaving idea - we pay 90p most weeks for a Saturday newspaper just to enjoy the TV listings and this way we get a magazine as well.  Twelve weeks will see us over the Christmas viewing as well - bargain - just saved about £9 there over the period!

[I have come back to put a note on this post and to let you know it won't work - apologies.  I followed a link in good faith from a poster on MSE, and the Radio Times website accepted my purchase, but whilst I have been on holiday, I have received an email saying that this offer was for particular people only, and my email address wasn't one of the people it was intended for - so I suspect yours won't be either.  Sorry.  I'm disappointed, too.]


Gill - That British Woman said...

I remember we only ever got that at Christmas growing up. Great deal.


Welsh Poppy said...

Great offer thanks we always look for the offer on RT, saves a fortune.

saving for travel said...

That is a great deal.

Thanks for the tip.


Andrea@Familyconnect said...

We always bought the Radio Times at Christmas. Going through it with a pen to mark all the things I wanted to watch was every bit as much a part of Christmas as putting up the tree. So, a couple of years ago I bought the magazine, got myself settled in bed with the electric blanket on, a cup of tea to hand, and two different coloured pens. I opened up the magazine and then...remembered that we had got rid of our TV six months earlier!!! D'oh!