Monday, 15 October 2012

Free gifts and vouchers

This week, I am trying new things!

I signed up some time ago to be a BzzAgent, where I try things out and then tell my friends and family about them - I get the items as freebies too.  On Friday, my first product to try arrived - the girls were excited about the box before they even knew what was in it - you can tell it is Stoptober as Amazon hasn't delivered here for ages!

In the box were some shampoo and conditioner samples.  A full size shampoo and another of conditioner, and then five 50ml samples of the conditioner.  They are all from this range:

Dove hair therapy - Damage solutions - Colour Radiance - Express Treatment Conditioner
(image from

They also sent me some 60p off vouchers from Tesco to give out as well!  Very generous package all round.  The instructions say to use the big ones myself and to give the little ones and the vouchers out to my friends.

Slight hitch with that plan - I can't use the conditioner as it contains hydrolyzed wheat protein, but the shampoo is fine.  The EFG is using them both on her hair, as we coloured it again at the end of the summer holidays, so she qualifies to use it.  She washes her hair every day, so I get a waft of the gorgeous aroma of this product pretty often...but the point is that it seems to be helping her hair - it is definitely shinier, so she is pleased!

GIVEAWAY ALERT - I am happy to send the five sample tubes of this conditioner to the first five people to comment on this post and indicate a wish to try one.  You'll also get a voucher.  When they are gone, they are gone.

And the other thing I have signed up for is Shop and scan.  I have to scan everything I buy and it is market research.  Some people have been scanning their shopping for years, so I thought I would give it a go.  I get "rewarded" in vouchers, so I am looking forward to those.  The scanner gadget should be heading my way this week and then I will start scanning - beep beep!

I am still doing surveys at YouGov, which I have been doing for a number of years - I cashed out a £50 voucher early last year, and I am now up to about £20 on my next one so it is quite slow going, but the £50 is a nice bonus when it arrives!  The surveys are not hard to do, and I always do them much faster than the time the website indicates that they are likely to take, so I don't regard it as a chore.


Angela said...

I'd love to try one of these samples, please - I did a scan thing some years ago, then the company discontinued and took the scanner back. It was fun whilst it lasted though.
Well done for doing these- i found that you had to be quite disciplined about it.
blessings xx

chrissie said...

i would love to try one of these samples please.i have started on line surveys at valued opinions and have just received my first £10 Sainsburys voucher. It will help towards Christmas

silversewer said...

I would love to try the conditioner too please.

I do You Gov surveys too £30 and still counting towards my £50 cheque.

Morgan said...

@Chrissie - lovely to hear from you and I have put your name on a sample. Please send me your address in another comment [which I won't publish] so I can get it away to you soon x

Morgan said...

@Silversewer - your name is on one now - I have your address already x

Only two left now!

Gill said...

I'd love one please!!

Morgan said...

@Gill - please leave me your name and address in another comment, which I won't publish.

Thanks x

Morgan said...

Only one left now. Who is going to claim it??

Poppy said...

Hi Morgan, I am doing the same. Mine haven't arrived yet but I am even more excited now. I have been doing it a few months now and had some lovely cookies, Dairylea, dairyfree range, dry shampoo and stock pots. I can fully recommend being a BzzAgent.