Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Day 1 menu

Last night was a true use-it-up menu - and consisted of two meals.

The FH and the EFG had sausages from the freezer with fritters which she makes from onion and carrot with cream and seasoning.  There was plenty of cream left over from the party on Saturday, so she used some of that up, as well as some tired-looking carrots.  That meal fits in with her plan too.

The YFG and I shared a packet of lamb steaks and some broccoli from the freezer, and I had mine with the last two mushrooms and a piece of the last courgette from the garden and some of UJ's lovely fresh tomatoes, and the YFG enjoyed hers with a tin of spaghetti from the storecupboard.

This morning I have had the last few grapes with a banana for my breakfast, and the FH is about to get another banana on a Weetabix, as the YFG needs some help eating the packet of Weetabix.

We have no fruit or veg left, apart from a few tomatoes and two bananas....tonight I will have to do some shopping whilst the girls are at hockey.  I will be buying apples, grapes, carrots, mushrooms, bananas, and whatever I can find in the reduced section.  I may also have a look at some frozen veg which would keep longer, of course.  I have the budget in mind too!


Wannabe Sybil said...

What has been helpful to me is to compare the cost of frozen veg online with the cost of fresh (obviously you cost then go and pick it up). The frozen, for me, has less waste and is fresher. Obviously that depends. I've never really taken to frozen onions, and I have viewed with suspicion the frozen veg pack for casseroles, but peppers, peas, broccoli are all definitely better for me frozen. I don't know if it works with your plan though. Good luck WS xxxx

Morgan said...

We don't eat a lot of peas here, but I agree about the broccoli and the peppers - I will post the shopping trip today and you'll see that I bought some frozen mixed veg. xx