Friday, 5 October 2012

Frugal weight lost

I have successfully shed a stone and a half since May, and people are beginning to notice now.  The smaller trousers are coming out of the wardrobe, and I wore a skirt and jacket to my party last weekend that haven't seen the light of day for years.  It feels great!  I know I should still lose a little more, probably another stone, but I am not rushing things.  It will come off, just as the rest has, in its own time.  The scales are just dipping under the 11 now, whereas they were heading towards the 13, and it was time to stop that movement in it's tracks before I lost control!

A lady at the school asked me which diet plan I was using, or whether it was just my own plan.  It is a very simple, and frugal, plan.  "Eat less.  Feel hungry.  Move a little more."

I think that we live in a culture where hunger is not appreciated.  Hunger pangs help you to know that you are truly hungry, or perhaps even just thirsty, and it helps you to know that you are not overeating if you do occasionally feel a little hungry.

I used to snack a lot, and rarely felt hungry.  Now I eat when I am hungry, and it makes a difference.  I have to restrict the foods I eat because I can't eat wheat and dairy, but those helpful supermarkets produce plenty of unhealthy "free from" stuff that I could eat.  I've stopped eating that stuff, because it is full of sugar, and it has made a huge difference to me.

Perhaps those thoughts will help someone else to lose a few pounds if that is what you need to do.  But it is MY plan, and it works for me.  The EFG has a different plan, which I have discussed before, and that is working for her, albeit a little more slowly than my plan, but she is a different person.  Each to their own.


Angela said...

I WAS losing weight, but since I injured my knee, and stopped running, my weight has remained static. Finding it really hard to eat less to compensate!
SO impressed with your progress. I am sure you are feeling heaps better.

One thing - last year when I lost a stone, people kept saying 'you look so slim, you look so much better' - and I think "Did I really look THAT BAD before?" I am sure their compliments are well meant and I should accept them gratefully!!

blessings, slim friend x

Meanqueen said...

Sounds like a very good common sense plan to me. People tie themselves in knots trying this diet and that diet, all you have to do is eat healthily, and as you say, eat less and move more. Well done on your weight loss, I think you've cracked it.

Morgan said...

Thank you both!

Varis Creations said...

Well done you :) believe me I KNOW how difficult it can be. But like you I've just cut down portions, cut out rubbish and moved more and so far 2st 10lbs of me has disappeared. I seem to be a bit stuck at the moment but definitely less flabby since upping the exercise. The only non frugal thing is having so buy some new clothes as I was starting to look like I was wearing a sack most of the time.
Susan XX

Wannabe Sybil said...


I have a LOT of weight to shift. Please may I borrow your diet plan. I am approaching from the point of view of 'eat less, do more' but I think incorporating hunger would be a really good idea for me.

And congratulations again!!! WS xxx