Saturday, 13 October 2012

New recipe inspiration

I have been having a look around this afternoon, mulling things over with a cuppa, and found some new foodie blogs to surf through and enjoy.  I thought you might like to see them too.

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Anne's Kitchen - she helped to raise some money for Macmillan recently by having a little bake sale at her work.  She has two particularly scrummy-looking cheesecakes in here too!

The way the cookie crumbles - O joy!  I have linked you straight in to my favourite [so-far] post here where she compares her favourite chocolate chip cookie recipes.  That special recipe still eludes me, as I would love to be able to make the kind of cookies that it is possible to buy in speciality shops at exhorbitant prices!

Lavender and Lovage - This is a beautiful blog and has such a wide variety of recipes to share.  One to keep now, I think.

Green Kitchen Stories - where I hope to find some inspiration for vegetarian meals to reduce our meat intake.  But this one is worth visiting just to drool over the gorgeous photography - go on, have a look!

And finally, there is the Grocery cart challenge lady.  I used to have her in my blogroll, but moved her out when I had a shake up a while ago.  I do check in there now and again, although I think she is posting less often these days.  She does post a menu most weeks, and I find it helpful that she links through to recipes, and have come back to get some fresh ideas.

I'll need to think about our menu plan for next week.  We are having a roast chicken tomorrow, and then we will be freezer-diving again!  Hope you are all having a great weekend x

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saving for travel said...

Great links. Thank you.

We have been weekly menu planning this month.

Think it's cheaper to plan for whole month.

Sft x