Saturday, 20 October 2012

Freezer loading

I have made my version of Frugal Queen's faggots, but all I can say about mine is that they are inspired by hers, although the ingredients are quite different!

I used lamb mince, lambs liver and hearts - and it all got chunked up and mixed with some stuffing, but mine was cranberry and something from AF, so I am sure the flavour was quite different.  They didn't hold together that well, but the folks enjoyed them and they ate up the portions they had for tea with mashed potatoes, carrots and cabbage.  I have five more meals for three people stashed in the freezer, so although all the lamb parts cost me £9.85 today, the return on the investment is good.  I have made 36 faggots, at just about 30p each probably - the stuffing mix was negligible as I think they were 5 packs for a £1, so if I include them, the faggots still come in at just under 30p each.....I know that then there is the onion gravy to include, the mash and the veg, but I am sure I am still feeding the gang a meal for less than £1 each [that's allowing two faggots each at each meal, with the FH getting bigger ones than the girls!]

Just editing to explain why I bought and used lamb for this recipe today when the original instructions were for pork.  If you remember from my mutterings before, the YFG can't eat pure pork, so I wasn't going to invest a lot of time and money in making something that could make her ill, and then have a load of faggots that half the family couldn't eat - the investment meant that I wanted at least the other three to all be able to eat the creations.  I can't eat them because of the stuffing that is added, but I can cope with me not eating something - that is pretty par for the course here!

Quite exhausted tonight from everything I have done today - gym coaching, chicken keeping, laundry, chauffeuring the YFG, etc and then the cooking tonight, and more laundry and washing the kitchen floor...and then the EFG let slip that the FH languished in bed until 1pm today!  Words fail me.........

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Lesley said...

The faggots sound great. DH loves faggots so I might have to give these a try. They make such a comforting meal in this weather!