Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Norfolk awaits

We have agreed terms with my sister and booked the caravan for three nights.  She has put the price up a little to account for the price of the gas going up, so at least there should be gas to keep us warm!

We will be going after church on the Sunday, and staying until Wednesday morning.  Therefore we will basically have the Monday and Tuesday to get out and about.  The girls are a little disappointed not to be there on the Saturday for Sheringham market day, but other appointments are making that impossible this time.

We can still go to Sheringham (below) and mooch through the town, towards the sea front.

(image from ramblefest.com)

We also like to visit Cromer and perhaps partake of some fish and chips from MaryJane's shop.

(image from wikipedia.com)

Holt is a beautiful Georgian town just inland a few miles, and between Fakenham and the caravan.  There are some lovely independent shops there which we enjoy browsing - we are keen to see if the Christmas shop is still there!

(image from history-tourist.com)

I just know that we will have to stop at Morrison's in Fakenham on the way to the caravan!

(image from geopgraph.org.uk)

And this might be the venue for a day out - Holkham Hall - a very fine Palladian mansion house on the coast.  We have been there before, and the girls and I love to walk around the house and have the tour, whereas the FH prefers to doze in the car!  We may not get around to this on this occasion as time will be short, but it is an option.

(image from telegraph.co.uk)

I hope that if the weather stays fine, we could be doing some walking in the woodlands at the caravan park

(image from geograph.org.uk)

I am sure I will be taking some of this with me to keep my hands busy in the evenings!

(image from dooyoo.co.uk)

But before we go, I will have to be doing quite a lot of this to get the house ready for UJ to caretake!!

(image from maria-cleaning.co.uk)


Angela said...

The Holt Christmas shop was there last time I looked - but prices seemed higher.
Have lots of fun, won't you!

Morgan said...

@Angela - we usually just LOOK in that shop as I think that the prices have always been quite high for what they are selling. We have gone home and tried to find similar things cheaper or home made after having seen them there. It is always good for inspiration, if nothing else!!

Varis Creations said...

Fond memories of seaside caravan holidays as kid. I think you deserve a break. I am longing for a change of scenery - no chance of that this year, but hoping we may escape next year...

Susan xx