Monday, 8 October 2012

Almost a No Spend Day

Well, one has to send Dad a birthday card when he is 83!  I didn't have to buy a card, though, as I have such a stash already.  I chose a lovely card with a handmade flower on the front of it, which I received in a little bundle from a favourite blogger friend [you know who you are!].  I was tempted to just pop a second class stamp on it, and send it on its way, but I hesitated over the thickness of it, and nipped in to the post office to make sure...good job I did, as it was ever so slightly too thick for the normal rate, and I spent 90p to post it off.  Money well spent, I am sure.

That is the only money spent today, as I have had a day studying - hard at it on Faith & Worship, so I have just been able to email the latest assignment off to the tutor.  He will be surprised, but I seem to be on a roll with that at the moment - long may it continue.  Unfortunately, it has meant that there has been no housework done whatsoever, and the heap of ironing still looks like Mount Etna, so that will be tomorrow's work...

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