Saturday, 27 October 2012

Scurrying to get ready

(image from

This photo shows Weybourne station on the North Norfolk Railway.

We have been having a busy day getting everything ready for our few days away starting tomorrow.  To add to the preparations for the trip, the housecleaning and the packing, I have also had to collaborate with another lady to prepare the Sunday service for tomorrow - so it has been all go always, I am looking forward to a rest from housework whilst I am away!

The weather is looking very dodgy, but we are packing books to read, homework to finish, F&W course to do a little more of, knitting to try, and the girls will have technology as well in the form of a Kindle and Nintendos.  We also have a little stash of DVDs that we have been saving to watch again.  We plan to go out to Sheringham and Cromer on one day, and Holt on the other, and that will probably be as far as we venture.  I particularly want to find a house in Cromer which I have seen on a holiday cottage website, and I would like to see exactly where it is situated before I book it for sometime next year.  It appears from conversation with UJ that they [he and my sister] might be considering selling the caravan, so this may be our last visit.  As I have said before, members of our family have had a caravan on that pitch in the trees since I was nine years old, so it will be sad to see it go, if they do decide to sell it. 

Now I have to go to empty the airing cupboard and pack a few clothes for myself and the FH.  Goodnight!


saving for travel said...

Love, love love Norfolk!

In all weather it's beautiful.

Holt is a great place, lots of cafes and the charity shops are worth a look.

I loved our trip on the steam railway to Holt. You could get on and off as many times as you wanted to. AND WE DID!

Have a fantastic time.

Already looking forward to the phtoos

Morgan said...

I have got the camera ready - just hoping for some sunshine to take some decent photos!

Hope you have had a lovely time on your celebration break yourselves - you really deserve a good time xx

Gill - That British Woman said...

enjoy your time away, and hopefully the weather will be good for you all.


Angela said...

Pack your waterproofs- rain, wind and hail in Norfolk today [we will be leaving this fine county at 2pm tomorrow] enjoy your holiday!!