Monday, 1 October 2012

Joining in with Froogs

I am going to be joining in with Frugal Queen's Stoptober challenge this month.  Although I think the name came from an anti-smoking campaign, Froogs is using it to make us think about Stopping Spending!

Today is the first day of Stoptober, and I will be taking some time to do a menu plan for this week, and look deep into the depths of the freezer to use up what is left in there.  Sue over at the Quince Tree has been doing a storecupboard challenge, and I have been admiring her beautiful photography as usual, as well as taking note of some of her recipes.  I may be able to use a few of them this month.  I am also going to be having a look at the huge list of recipes on the Grocery Challenge on the Old Style boards at MSE.  There is also a list in the first one or two posts there about how to save money on grocery shopping and cooking.  I think I will be running back to back $21 challenges as I did back in January.

But it is not just about food!  We are going to have a spending halt on lots of areas of spending.  Both cars have pretty much got full tanks of fuel right now, so that should keep them going for most of the month, and we will be careful about using the cars.  No one needs any new clothes or shoes, the house has enough cleaning materials stocked in the garage to keep it clean for more than a month, and there is no need to buy anything for the garden.  I am happy with the number of books I can get from the library, and I will not be buying any magazines this month, at all.  [That may be slightly painful, and Gill will understand!] I have plenty of wool for knitting, pens and paper for writing, and I have no need of many other things.

Why am I doing this?  Well, the party cost me quite a little wad of money last weekend, and the children going back to school also had a financial impact with new bits and pieces that they needed.  We have already had one letter about a school trip for the YFG....It is appropriate to stop and take stock sometimes, and to be grateful for what we have, to make the most of the things we already have in the house, and to be released from making purchasing decisions for a month.  The decision is made, and in most cases, we won't be buying it.

I'll be doing a round up of September's budget and spending later on today.


Anonymous said...

Although I'm not doing the challenge I am trying to stick to planned purchases only (just the one: a new pc).
I find it's the little things that soon add up, so like you no books, no magazines for me this month.

Good luck :)

Bryallen said...

Nice one! I can't do the challenge this month as I'm just starting my degree this week and it's quite an expensive time. Instead I'll just be trying to spend as little as possible!

Good luck! Let us know how much you save! :)

saving for travel said...

Oh, I see Mrs F Q has jumped on me' band wagon!

Only joking...but our Frugal October is less of a challenge and more a necessity if we are making our last bid for Mortgage Freedom.

So you and I can offer each other much needed support in all this.

Good luck!

Sft x

Morgan said...

@Sft - you set such a great example, we can't help but follow!! I think we are all at it in October - Sue at Our new life in the country, Sue at the Quince Tree, you, me, Froogs and all the others! It just seems the right time for all of us to stop and think. For me, there is no pressure over a mortgage, but I am excited for you, and will be putting the flags out when you achieve it! I just want to boost my savings account as I am short of the target for the year! Good luck xx