Monday, 29 October 2012

Chillier days are here

The clocks have changed and we are looking forward to snuggling up and keeping cosy through the winter.  The FH has stashed lots of wood away in the workshop so it is beautifully dry, and we are already enjoying having the woodburner alight in the evenings.  At the weekends, it is sometimes lit in the afternoons, as it was on Saturday, when the rain was lashing down and all was gloomy outside.  The meal plans for the weeks ahead are going to be including lots of warming foods now - I do love casseroles, stews and slow cooker feasts.  I hope you are all ready for the colder days too.


Gill - That British Woman said...

yep the colder wetter weather has arrived here as well. Our clocks go back this coming weekend. We have our woodstove on every day now. I was wanting to keep the heating off a couple more days but it is chilly in the house.


saving for travel said...

We are like you. We put our woodburner (multi fuel) on when it feels right. I love the cosy feel.

We hope to pick up some more free pallettes to help us get through the winter time. We have lots of coal to use if it gets REALLY COLD. That's a real treat as it's so warm.

Shepherds pie is top of our meal list this week.

Hope you are enjoying your trip away.

Weather has been pretty good so far today.

Sft x

Bryallen said...

It's cold, it's dark, it's raining, but I still love autumn!! :) Soups, scarves and mulled wine keep me going through the winter!