Wednesday, 29 September 2010


I was very disappointed to read in the Daily Mail that the Deputy Governor of the Bank of England is encouraging the country to Spend and Not Save. Someone with an interest in economics may argue his point, but he hasn't convinced me, and I will continue to try to stash some cash away each month - and I won't be going out spending for his benefit!!


Mrs. Mac said...

His recommendation should have been made also before the world wide recession ... but then people were not thinking much about tomorrow. I'm still holding tight to cash .. and not buying anything new. If we need something, be it clothing or home goods, we shop at thrift stores and tag sales. It will be the same for Christmas this year; very freeing.

Morgan said...

I agree Mrs Mac - I have already been discussing with a friend all the teacher gifts we would like to give - and they are all getting home baking! My friend sews so she is also making a few lavender bags for some of her relatives, but I will be thinking twice (or even thrice!) before I buy my gifts this year. The girls will have to choose their gifts very carefully and budget too!