Wednesday, 22 September 2010


I still haven't started this baking and I am beginning to panic!! Can't even decide what to make beyond the cupcakes, Twinks and lemon sponge - must go and look through the recipe folder and think about what went down well last year as well as what would keep OK for a day or two if it didn't sell........


Varis Creations said...

I'd recommend the orange frosted carrot cake from Be Ro: recipe here:

Uber easy to make and keeps really well - makes a lovely moist cake which never lasts long in our house.

Have fun baking!


Morgan said...

That looks gorgeous - printing recipe off as I type! Must put OJ on the shopping list for tomorrow.

Morgan said...

I made this carrot cake for the Macmillan morning and it went VERY well - people were coming back for seconds, but it looked quite thin to me. Tonight I have doubled the amounts for the cake but cooked it in the same size tray, and it looks MUCH more substantial. I will just make the normal amount of icing as it has the same surface area to cover! Highly recommended. And big thanks to Susan for sending me the link.