Saturday, 4 September 2010

Scone recipe deviation

I finally got around to trying the scones with fruit tonight - the last batch are still in the oven. I added 3oz Tesco Value mixed dried fruit to the recipe, and the FH says that they are brilliant. Instead of cutting them out with a 3" diameter cutter, which means that one can only get 8 or 9 scones from the mixture, I am using a 1" cutter and getting about 24! They are also rising more evenly than the first batch as I stopped myself from twisting the cutter in the dough to release the dough; instead I am just pushing it down very firmly and then lifting it out of the dough. It seems to do the trick!

I also made a chocolate and banana loaf - I have got to stop buying bananas on a regular basis as there are always some left to go brown and mushy. I'll take some pictures tomorrow when I cut it and when it has been tasted, I'll post the recipe if it is deemed to be any good!


Lara said...

Quite possibly you know this already, but just in case you don't - the overripe bananas do just fine in the freezer. The skins turn black, and they thaw looking rather pre-mashed, but they still make a tasty banana loaf. It doesn't solve the problem of generating too many brown bananas, but it at least means you can make a banana loaf when you like, instead of when the bananas like.

We like 8oz of blackberries (fresh or frozen) stirred into ours, with or without chocolate.

Morgan said...

Thanks - the chocolate was a new thing for us, but it is going down very well with the family.

As for freezing bananas, I admit what you say is true, but it wouldn't work for me as it is more convenient for me to use the banana up and freeze the resulting cake - the family are eating one and I have one frozen in slices, ready to pull out when they fancy it again.

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