Monday, 20 September 2010

Put up the flags!

I have completed my tax return!!!!!!! I hate doing it with a vengeance but it is such a simple thing to get to grips with once you have collated all the information - and I always put off doing it because the Thought of doing it is so much worse than actually getting on with it. But 'tis done. At last. Until next year.

UJ came over to tea last night, and brought pears, beetroot and runner beans. The harvest is slowing down now. We had a roast chicken and lots of veg with roast potatoes, and then, later on when all that had settled, I made Rhonda-Jean's chocolate self-saucing pudding which was lovely. I also made another couple of the banana and chocolate cakes, but someone had helped themselves to the other half of the bar of chocolate I had kept so I had to open another one - hopefully I have hidden it more effectively this time! It is UJ's 71st birthday today, so I sent him home with the smaller 1lb loaf cake to enjoy today and this week.

Today I have been hitting the housework and getting a little straighter after the weekend, as well as beginning to make some arrangements for the Macmillan coffee morning on Friday. I want to make some cupcakes tonight and freeze them un-iced so that I can grab them out of the freezer on Thursday night and just decorate them. It will be easier if I can do some of the work ahead of time. The weather has been fine and blowy today which has been excellent for getting the washing dry - cue a heap of ironing for later on!!

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