Monday, 6 September 2010

A good day all round

I didn't cross many things off the "To Do" list with which I started the day - I haven't finished the tax return, I haven't done the filing, I haven't found a membership card I need.......but hey, I have done other things instead - funny how it goes like that!

I have cut the back lawn, which was Hard Work as it hasn't been cut all summer as it has had chicken arks here and there all over it and they have made the occasional bare-ish batch which has been reseeded. About five trips to the compost heap saw the job done and the compost heap overflowing a little. I have taken the EFG to band practise tonight, and I have dug up some self-set lavatera plants from the veg beds - they seem to have a tap root which heads for Australia and is a challenge to get out. I heaved on each one when I had loosened them with a fork, and had to use both hands - it made me let out a big sigh each time I got one out and there was imminent danger of me falling backwards with the force! I cleaned the lounge and hall this morning, and had a couple of conversations with people about gymnastics too as we start back there tomorrow. The HC is still on crutches...

Busy day all round, but I feel pleased with what I have done and I will have to tackle some of the things I missed tomorrow. Must find that membership card!

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