Wednesday, 8 September 2010

A tiring Tuesday which brought on a restful Wednesday!

Gym was just plain hard work last night! With the HC on crutches still, the main burden of the setting out of the equipment fell to me, although the sports centre manager was a star and helped me to put the double trampette and the A bars out. Then, later, a couple of Y10 girls came in and helped as well, so between us we had it all out by 4.15pm, ready for a rest before the kids came in to start at 5pm.

There were a couple of new children and one with an obnoxious father who took a bit of dealing with, but the class itself was OK. Those children left at 6pm and the second class came in - about 25 or so, I think. It worked out in the end, but I changed groups a couple of times to help people out, although I had a lovely group of 4 girls to start with - particularly nice girls! I'll try to teach them again next week...

And then we had to put everything away again.....oh, my! I perspired, I glowed, I just plain sweat! The weather yesterday was humid anyway, but by 8pm, I was rather tired!

Why do I do it then, if it is so hard? Well, I enjoy it - I enjoy the company of the other coaches, I love teaching the kids and seeing them "get" a move, and I love doing something that absorbs me so completely - I don't think about anything else whilst I am there. So I keep going back.

The first week of term is hard because the kids are coming back and getting back into the swing of it all, the parents are thrusting envelopes with their payments in at me left, right and centre, new kids and parents are asking 101 questions, and the new kids sometimes take some time to settle in - but often the parents take longer to adjust to our way of doing things eg obnoxious dad last night was filling in the reg form for his daughter and as the other kids were on the floor in a big circle, he says in an annoyed tone of voice, "Can she not get involved in this then?" to me as I am filling in paperwork for another parent. So I said, "Of course," and sent the EFG to help his daughter into the line. I didn't really feel like explaining that most of the time, new kids are nervous, like his was, and it doesn't do them any harm to watch for a minute and understand what is going on.

So after all that, today has been a bit slower! I have ordered tickets for the FH and UJ to go to a concert featuring Soham Comrades Band at Tattersalls in Newmarket at the end of the month - a solo euphonium player from the world-famous Grimethorpe Colliery Band will be playing with the band. I have watched two episodes of the Great British bake off on iPlayer. I have been reading the book, "The 19th Wife" which I picked up in the doctor's surgery yesterday for 50p when I took the FH for blood tests. I've done a little washing, and ironing and looked after the chooks. Bread was made this morning - I decided that if I didn't feel too enthusiastic about work, I had better get the machines going to do some so one made a wholemeal loaf, which has been sliced and frozen, and I made a dough for a couple of French sticks in the other. The girls and FH ate most of one of them with raspberry jam when the girls got home from school.

Hope everyone is well - and good night, all!


Poppy's Place said...

Hi Morgan, Glad you had a slightly more restful day on Wednesday. I'm going to try your Chocolate and Banana Loaf this weekend, it sounds delicious. Jane xx

Morgan said...

Hi Jane - the family are eating the larger of my two loaves this weekend so I will have to make more when I have more bananas - I have managed to hide the other half of the bar of chocolate so no one eats it!! Hope you all like it.

Morgan said...
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