Thursday, 2 September 2010

First day is over

The EFG is pleased that the timetable has been sorted to accommodate her choice to do Art & design at GCSE, and that her friend R is in almost all her classes. She's happy with the form tutor, thinks the new "Head of Progress" (that was Head of Year in my time) is awesome, and is generally happy with her lot.

The YFG has got through the day, made a new friend K, (who she used to know, but hasn't seen since they were 3, so they are forgiven for starting over), lost her way a couple of times, is happy to have been put in a top set for English, isn't sure about having to sit next to boys in some classes, thought the bus was ok (thank goodness!) and is up for going again in the morning. She took herself off to bed at 8.30pm, so she's tired, but I am relieved that all has gone well today.

I have booked the train tickets for our trip in October, organised the hire car, bought the railcard, and done quite a bit of mooching around thinking about things. I have, I admit, been clock watching rather a lot - knowing the school day, I kept thinking of what they would be doing all day!! Maybe I'll be able to focus a little more tomorrow.

The scones (post below somewhere) turned out well, so I thought I would experiment and try them with some dried fruit, not least because there is a cookery class for "fruited scones" in the village show on the 11th September, so if I can get fruit into those scones, I think I am onto a good thing. I'm not sure how much fruit to add, so the FH may get several trial runs to eat - he won't complain, I'm sure!!


Morgan said...

Am glad the first day went well for them both x Mine had a great time but were tired too lol!
The church pictures below are lovely,I know exactly the smell you mean,my little church exudes it lol! it is damp,old,wood,the scent of time passing its very self I think,I love it!
GTM x x

Morgan said...

Sorry GTM - I managed to delete your comment somehow so had to copy and paste it over from the email notification! It's here now, anyway - and thank you.