Thursday, 2 September 2010

And there will be scones for tea

I am now going to go and have a try at making scones. I want to try Paul Hollywood's recipe from The Great British Bake-off but it isn't in the book (why ever not?). I did, however, find it here. I'll let you know later how they turn out! Have a flick through all those links - saves me typing when I could be baking!!

I'm back - they turned out really well but I had a moment when I panicked about the recipe. Don't use the one from that link above as the quantity of milk is wrong. Use this one! This is from the BBC website and it works. I will try to edit a photo in here later when we can sort the camera out - it takes the photos but has them trapped inside!


Maria♥ said...

Those scones look perfect! I've only ever made scones once and had a nightmare, dough was too wet but I won't be defeated.


Morgan said...

Thanks, Maria - but I can't take the credit - the recipe is different from any scone recipe I have tried before, and hey presto - the scones are fab! There were nine, there are now three - the family loved them with a little butter and some of my uncle's home-made greengage jam. Alas no cream in the house but they didn't complain!