Tuesday, 21 September 2010

A bird in the hand........

is much better than one in the chimney! I was peacefully ironing this morning, whilst watching some drivel on C4, when I heard a noise coming from the stove pipe - a fluttering of wings. Sure enough, when I moved the plate at the back of the stove opening, a small bird flew out - it was rather black with soot so I am not sure what it was but I suspect a sparrow. It flew at the windows and then we managed to catch it and let it out. Hope that doesn't happen too often!

This warm weather is lovely but most unseasonable - the temperature today has been about 6 degrees above the average for the time of year - and when we came out of gym tonight at 8pm, the thermometer in the car still said 21! No wonder we were hot. Another scorcher is predicted for tomorrow but I won't be sorry if it is a bit cooler as the conservatory at the back of the house is really making the office and the kitchen HOT!

I have been inspired by a friend who blogs; she shared "50 things she loves" earlier this week so I am currently preparing my own list, but the trouble is that I haven't been able to stop at 50 so there is a bit of editing required! Hope to be able to share that tomorrow but I haven't had time to start the baking for Friday yet so I must make that a priority for the To Do list in the morning.

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Greentwinsmummy said...

hehehe who said I didnt have another 150 waiting in the wings lol!
I was cheering myself up,listing all the things one likes really puts a smile on the face I found :o)
Look frward to your 50 hun! crikey that wee bird!!! good job you heard it & were able to get it out!
GTM x xx