Thursday, 2 September 2010

The girls have gone

I watched them disappear off down the street on their way to catch the bus - two girls in the same uniform with ponytails swinging as they walked, backpacks on and carrying PE kits. The EFG is only just managing to maintain a few inches of height over the YFG so they are a similar height now. We took photos this morning to mark the first day for them - Y10 for the EFG is the beginning of all her GCSE work, so I must not overlook the importance of the year for her too. I have told them that today of all days, the answer, "I forgot!" is not acceptable when I ask them what they have been doing today - today, I need to know!

Sincere thanks for all the good wishes - some here in comments and a few on Facebook too - thanks everyone. The FH was impressed when I told him that people as far apart as Dorset and Forres were thinking of the girls today!

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