Thursday, 2 September 2010

Photos from last weekend


This is the welcoming entrance to Lutton St Nicholas church. Lutton is a small village just outside Long Sutton in Lincolnshire.

My uncle, P, is the churchwarden there and he told us that this church has been here over 600 years. It is in a bit of a state at the moment as the congregation continues to raise money for its repair. These annual Flower Festivals have raised over £20,000 in the last 6 years and the work is progressing well, although there is still a lot to be done.

This arrangement was loosely based around a Zoo theme, hence the letter Z nearby.

The Mothers' Union banner in the corner of the church reminded me of a similar one which had a prominent position in the church I attended as a child - a church not disimilar to this one.

The beautiful interior and east window. Now that we attend a Methodist church in a "modern" building, I do miss the atmosphere that this kind of church has - I had a good fix of it on Monday. It includes the slightly damp smell, the polish and the flowers.

This arrangement was carefully constructed around a pillar and was quite striking. There's the back of Uncle P in the background.

The entrance gate with the sign over it. My cousin was married in this church in 2005, and I have a lovely picture of her coming up the path with my girls behind her as part of the group of 5 bridesmaids which she had. It was a February wedding so they wore raspberry pink dresses with velvet capes - they were gorgeous!


Meanqueen said...

Hello, excuse me butting in, you can delete a photo if you go into HTML mode, find the code for the photo, highlight it, right click which brings a menu up, click delete.

Morgan said...

Wow - thanks for visiting my blog, Ilona! You can see that I had a go with your instructions and got rid of the photo - thanks so much!