Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Fifty things I love

Inspired by GTM, here's my list.......for today. I think that some of these things will change with the seasons and with how I feel, but some are definitely for always. They are in no particular order.

  1. My family
  2. The smell of my girls' freshly washed hair
  3. The smell of bread baking
  4. The feeling of a clean bed made with freshly laundered sheets
  5. Roast lamb with mint sauce
  6. God
  7. Blackcurrant squash
  8. Hot baths
  9. Recipe books
  10. Surprise presents
  11. Hearing my cockerels crowing
  12. The miracle of the chick hatching out of the egg
  13. Katie Fforde's novels
  14. Old Furniture
  15. Hot water bottles and cosy rugs
  16. Old fashioned films
  17. Roaring wood fires in the woodburner
  18. Anne of Green Gables films
  19. Patchwork quilts
  20. Chocolate microwave sponge pudding
  21. My church and our church family
  22. A cup of tea
  23. Honeysuckle
  24. Growing vegetables
  25. The jars of jam on my shelf
  26. Knitting
  27. Scotland
  28. New notebooks
  29. Sandra Bullock's films
  30. Shadow the cat
  31. BBC Breakfast
  32. Baking for the family
  33. Davina's exercise DVDs
  34. Coaching gymnastics
  35. Books
  36. Skirts
  37. Geography
  38. Genealogy
  39. The Inn of the Sixth Happiness
  40. Roast chicken
  41. My wedding ring
  42. Packets of seed with all their promise
  43. Warm bowls of porridge
  44. Blue skies in autumn
  45. Lavender
  46. Traditions
  47. Jam tarts from Sainsbury's FreeFrom range
  48. The Sound of Music
  49. The Mma Ramotswe books - magical
  50. Oxburgh Hall
Well, that's all quite sedate and traditional, which I think is a fair reflection of who I am and what I like, so there's nothing new there! It's quite an interesting exercise - and I am pretty sure that the list will look quite different in some aspects if I revisit it in six months' time.

I must go and get baking now!

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