Sunday, 26 September 2010

All go here!

I have Froog's mincemeat in the slowcooker, roast potatoes in the Remoska, carrots boiling and broccoli steaming, the fire is alight and the school uniforms are almost dry on the airers, ready for ironing later - the only fly in the ointment today is flipping James Bond!

The powers that be have had at least two JB films on each week for weeks now and it is driving me mad - the FH loves to watch them ALL, even though he has seen them all hundreds of times. The YFG went out for a walk with the neighbours and Sinbad the dog, so the EFG and I thought we would settle down in front of the fire to watch The Secret Garden (the Maggie Smith version) since it was raining but hey, JB came on only about 20 minutes into it, so we had to give over and let JB reign supreme..........I was told that it was OK as I was planning to go and "play at cooking" so that is what I did. Good job I love him really as it would have been a good case for murder! Funny how he occasionally mutters that he never sees me because I never watch TV with him - shame he is so bossy about what we have to watch.

I am saving up for a new tv in the kitchen but shhh - I'll be in charge of that one!! Hopefully I will have enough pennies in the pot by Christmas, but it won't be before then as the credit card bill has arrived with the Train tickets and car on it for the holiday at the end of October - I must get my priorities straight - bills first and luxuries later!

The chicken-poo shovelling has had to be postponed due to driving rain this afternoon; I had thought that there was a small window of opportunity when the YFG went out for a walk but it soon started up again and she came home drenched. I am hoping for drier weather tomorrow!!

The menu plan for the week ahead is looking like this:
Today - smoked haddock, carrots, broccoli and roasties, followed by leftover cake.
Monday - pasta and sauce
Tuesday - chicken casserole (perhaps in the slow cooker), birthday cake if I get round to making myself one!
Wednesday - cod, chips and peas - all from the freezer
Thursday - Toad in the hole, gravy and vegetables
Friday - FH on duty so up to him to go freezer-diving!
Saturday - HM pizza.

We have loads of fruit in the freezer, so there may be some crumbles this week - pear would be lovely as we haven't had that for ages.

Hope you all have a good week.

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