Friday, 24 September 2010

Macmillan morning

I finally sank into my bed at about 12.30am this morning after setting the alarm for 5am to get up again. The baking was finished, but there was all the icing to do so I went to have a sleep whilst the cakes cooled! The coffee morning was successful in that we have raised about £150 - can't be sure as people put more odds and ends of money in the pot after I had counted it, so I will have to do it again tomorrow. The weather (damp and grey) affected the turnout so we were short of a few people, but the mood was cheery and people had a good chin wag!

The FH and UJ have gone to Tattersall's Arena in Newmarket tonight for a Help the Heroes Brass band concert, but I am not waiting up for them, so I will have to hear all about it tomorrow - we've been to gym tonight and I am shattered.

Night, everyone!

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Mrs. Mac said...

Hoping you are well rested by now. The coffee and cakes sound yummy!