Thursday, 29 April 2010

A week to go

yes, politics! A week to go to the election and the last of the televised debates takes place in just over an hour. Gordon Brown caused controversy yesterday by calling a woman "bigoted" and then trying to apologise. The Conservatives have a big supporting base in this area as our last MP was one, and now they are fielding a new candidate, he seems to have just inherited the support regardless. To be honest, driving along the roads around here, there are no banners out for any other party; the YFG observed the other day that "everyone round here will be voting for the blue team!" and I tried to explain that not everyone plastered their political views on the gateposts! Those that do, though, are blue here.

We were doing well in the garden clear up and poultry shed building project today - I got one hen house moved out of the way of progress, cleaned out and re-sited, and now I have my fingers crossed that the chickens will use it tonight...even though it is is another spot. I pricked out more lettuce plants today, too, when I had to retreat to the greenhouse in an absolute downpour. The April showers are here at last - in the very last days of the month!! I am hoping that they don't knock all my beautiful apple blossom off the trees now that it has come out. The plum blossom is finished, the pear is waning and now we have the apples - lovely white flowers tinged with pink.

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