Sunday, 11 April 2010

Black Gold

These are a couple of the hens in the top run; the mud is drying out so the pallets aren't really necessary any more but they do like to perch on them. The YFG cut the front lawn today and made a really good job of it. We gave the clippings to the hens as they love to scratch through them and eat some bugs that they find, as well as eating some of the grass.

The FH and I emptied some of the compost bin this evening and the YFG helped to spread the lovely compost onto a couple of the garden beds. The compost is lovely and rich - it has broken down really well and I was thrilled to have managed to produce such wonderful stuff with which to enrich the garden. It really is "Black Gold".

As well as all that in the actual garden, the girls and I went to the garden centre today and bought some fruit bushes. I got 10 canes each of Autumn Bliss and Malling Jewel raspberries, one Invicta gooseberry bush and one Whinham's Industry, which produces a red gooseberry. I love to make gooseberry jam so I am hoping that they both turn out to be productive. All those are currently enjoying a long drink in buckets of water and will be planted tomorrow.

The seeds which were sown earlier in the week are beginning to show some shoots - there are some Webb's Wonderful lettuces through, some cucumbers, cress and some tomato seedlings, so I am well pleased with that.

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