Friday, 9 April 2010

Thetford Forest

Climbing to the very top of the activity net

Two girls on the wing of the Woodlark in a strange pose!

On the rabbit

Under the beady gaze of the Woodlark

The giant pyramid slide - much fun was had here and we had to return for a second session

Climbing wall - on the way up

It's a long way up!

"Race you??!"

The climbing wall - all on a trailer

The clearing in the forest at High Lodge - perfect for picnics! Beautifully sunny at lunchtime.

We have had a lovely day today at Thetford Forest, just on the Norfolk/Suffolk border. We got held up a little in Brandon and arrived at about 12.00. Just in time to set ourselves up on the grass for a picnic in the sun. The weather was great, and the girls had a lovely time. We went with D and her daughter, T. T and the YFG are in the same class at school and get on really well. The EFG mooched along with D and I, sat and read whilst the others were on the climbing wall, and generally had a good laugh. The wall took up nearly an hour by the time we had queued, had the safety instruction and then they actually climbed. They both went up and down multiple times and had a really good go at it.

After that, we took the picnic kit back to the car and went for a walk in the woods. The walk was interspersed with the various creature-orientated climbing activities which I photographed - the rabbit, the woodlark, the Pyramid (without a creature!) and the zip wire. Eventually we made our way back to the base and they had an icecream courtesy of D, and then it was time to head home. The YFG had a snooze in the car which didn't surprise me at all as she was totally immersed in the activities all day and hardly sat down at all - it was go, go, go with her all day!

We'll be back to the Forest in the summer holidays, I think, as they all enjoyed the fresh air, exercise and activities so much, and it is only an hour away - far enough to feel you have been out, but not far enough to be tedious.


Toria said...

What a fantastic looking playground.

Morgan said...

It is great - and the best bit is that we all have to walk through the forest from one thing to another so we all get some exercise!! We were mooching around the forest for a couple of hours..didn't count the steps, though!