Saturday, 3 April 2010

Welcome home

The FH is home, and very tired!!

A night in a hospital bed is never a very restful one, and sharing a room with two other men didn't help either. He seems to have spent a lot of time chatting with a farmer, and being disturbed by the third man's monitors' alarms going off. The FH and the farmer were only in there for the CPAP machine initiation, whereas the third man was seriously ill, and apparently turned blue in the night and had to have quite some suction to his airways on several occasions.

We will have to try the machine tonight at home and hopefully we will get used to it. The doctor has told the FH that he MUST persevere with it, whatever the difficulties, because his problem is so bad.

The second chick is beginning to show normal chick behaviours now, which is reassuring. It is pecking at the food, drinking from the water bowl and preening a little too. It will probably survive now. There are now 24 Gold-laced Orpington eggs in the two incubators.

Weather report - not as bad as was forecast! Some sun, so I am heading out now to pootle in the greenhouse for a while. The FH is watching the Oxford/Cambridge boat race on the Thames. We're rooting for Cambridge!

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Mrs. Mac said...

Good news! With your encouragement, I'm sure hubby will be a good patient and use his CPAP machine thingy;)