Sunday, 2 May 2010

Wet weekend - must be a bank holiday!

The days are slipping past me and I am forgetting what I am up to!! Friday whizzed past in a blur of book deliveries in the morning, a brief rest and then off to gym for the rest of the day. When we come home from gym on a Friday, it really is a case of tea, bath and bed as we are too tired to do much more. Occasionally, I will be organised enough to fling a load of washing in the machine, but even that didn't happen this week.

Saturday morning, I was up just before dawn, at 4.30am in order to be organised enough to meet up with someone in Huntingdon at 7.30am, nip in to Tesco to get the YFG breakfast doughnuts as the reward for getting up so early, and then head off to gym again for a 9.30am start there. We are running a class now for Tots who will turn 3 this year - and it is fun! The Head Coach said he couldn't do it to save his life, but I am enjoying it. I was telling the kids on Saturday to imagine that a hoop was a big puddle and to imagine themselves jumping into it with both feet and making the biggest splash - and they were up for that. I haven't got a lot of imagination, but a little goes a long way, sometimes!

Today we have been to church, done some work in the greenhouse, some tidying, invited Dad and MB over to tea tomorrow, and the YFG has her friend T here to have a sleepover tonight, so they are watching You've Been Framed videos on the laptop at the moment. It was lovely at church this morning that we had a visitor - a young lady was staying at the B&B in the village as she is here from the University of East Anglia at Norwich, studying water voles - apparently we have some around here! She was from an Asian country - not sure which one - but she speaks excellent English and told us that she is a Presbyterian (I've been one of those when we went to the Church of Scotland for a few years) and she joined in well with the service. It seems to be an on-going project which she is involved with, so perhaps she will visit us again.

I have been so sad lately, reading about the very brief life and death of the son, Freddie, of some home-educating people we know who live not too far from us. Their blog is in my side-bar but I doubt that you will all be able to access it as some of the posts are password protected. The death of a child is so sad, and heartbreaking for the family - four young girls were eagerly awaiting the arrival of their new baby brother or sister, and although the baby was born, it seems that visiting was restricted because he was so ill, so they may not have been able to see as much of him as they would have liked. Our hearts go out to the whole family. I can't imagine the turmoil which they have been through.

The EFG has been working on her stories again, and I am really impressed with the amount she has produced, as well as the quality of the work. She has ideas about the stories and their development so that there is still a lot to come! I am excited to see how they turn out - she is writing most days, although she seems to be able to flip from one story to the other - I don't think I could cope with two at once but she is doing really well and managing to do some really comprehensive research to ensure she gets the facts straight.

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