Wednesday, 7 April 2010

More of an indoor day!

This evening has passed quietly as I have been studying the internet for some hours, fascinated with the many breeds of chickens, especially the rare breeds.

The FH finished the butchering of the chickens this morning and they are all tucked away in the freezer now. He went out for lunch although I had to take him: there is the fact that he's not allowed to drive, but his Volvo died as well - we are waiting for Chris from the garage to tow it away to be investigated and repaired. I cooked homemade chicken nuggets and wedges for the girls, and sweet and sour chicken for myself.

This afternoon there was a visit from my friend D so everything stopped whilst we put the kettle on and generally put the world to rights. We had a good natter and she borrowed some more Katie Fforde books - I've got her started now and she is enjoying them too! I collected the eggs in this afternoon - only 16 today, but three old Sasso hens were culled so that is 3 less to lay at the moment. I miscounted yesterday as there were actually 20 eggs laid - AND I found an extra 8 in a cache in the hen run when I went to tidy it up yesterday. I have tested them for freshness and they were all fine, so 6 of them went into a couple of fruit cakes I made this evening.

The gang have fended for themselves tonight; I think that they have had sandwiches for their supper, and I had a small baked potato. I should have been ironing tonight but my legs ache from the digging yesterday so I didn't get to the ironing yet.....

We have decided to have "No Screens on" before lunch during the holidays so I am not turning the computer on until at least 2pm, sometimes later, and the girls are not watching TV either. It means that we are getting more done and they are helping with the chores. "What do you want me to do today?" they say each morning. About time too!!

I am reading Sybil's story (look at her blog in the blogroll on the sidebar) and the EFG is also writing a story - I am waiting for the latest chapter to be emailed to me now. Wish I could write like they do but I just don't have the imagination! Got to go to email the FH's sister about the lemon curd now, so see you tomorrow - weather is supposed to be good so hoping to get more done in the garden.

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