Friday, 2 April 2010

RIP chick

Yes, the weaker little chick died about half an hour ago. The other is still struggling on, but all we can do is watch and hope for it to survive. I'm not over the moon about having another "only" chick again, though.

The FH is at the hospital - we dropped him off and came home. UJ has come to tea and enjoyed fish and chips (HM of course) with the girls, I had chicken and chips. He is now watching the TV and I am about to join him, with a cuppa. Good night, all!

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Mrs. Mac said...

So sad to read about your little chicks. I suppose it's just part of life but still sad to watch. Hoping hubby gets help at the hospital. My .. that is quite a lot of 'stop breathing' episodes during the night.

Have a blessed Easter with your family.

Hugs from half way around the world in the the North Woods of Idaho, USA.