Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Chicken milestones

One of the Gold Partridge Orpington girls had laid an egg this morning when I went to let them out. I was so excited!! This is the first any of that group has laid, so it means that they ARE now old enough to start laying and we can expect them to get up to speed in the next few weeks.

I feel like I have achieved a lot today - I got up earlier so I have had more "day" to do it in, I suppose, so that helps...

I sowed some grass seed on the bare patches of back lawn on Monday and watered it well then with the watering can, quite a few canfuls. It dried out quite quickly so I have done it again today, and I will probably do it each day now as there is no rain forecast for some days. I hung some more washing out as the sun was shining and there was a brisk breeze to get the towels dry. I do love to see washing flapping on a sunny day. I've been in the greenhouse and potted up the 18 cucumber seedlings that had come through; we are going to be inundated with cucumbers if they are all productive. Some are a variety called "Burpless" and the others are "Telegraph" - supposed to be long and straight like telegraph poles, I think. I also potted up 15 tomato plants of a variety called Sweet Million, which is a cherry tomato. I then sowed more seeds: melon, two kinds of pepper and two more kinds of tomato - Sungold and Moneymaker. The gooseberry plants also got potted up this morning as the ground where I want to put them is not yet ready. They look fine in blue-glazed terracotta pots, in the sun, in front of the verandah. People will just have to watch when they walk past Invicta and not get too close as she is rather fiercely prickled!

This afternoon we had our six monthly check ups at the dentist in town. The EFG and the FH have to go back for fillings and I need a scale and polish so we are booked to return in June. Then we headed to the bank and WHSmith and Boots. I left a prescription there which I will have to pick up another day for the FH - we forgot all about it! After that, we went to Wisbech, because we wanted to have a look at shoes in Brantano's shop there. The YFG needed new school shoes, and I had a browse round and found some for myself too so that was a successful time. We also nipped into other shops as we don't go to Wisbech at all often so we had a bit of a poke around whilst we were there.

Since the FH can't drive, UJ came over this morning to help the FH to fetch some pallets for firewood and then they went to the Wednesday lunch as well - and the YFG went along too. Liver and bacon, lots of veg and mash and then jam sponge pudding - they all came home stuffed! The FH is finding it rather a struggle not being able to drive and asked if we could go for a ride out somewhere this week, so we came home from Wisbech by a very scenic route and he was happier!

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