Friday, 2 April 2010

Wobbles in the hatchery

These chicks are both very weak this morning. The second, unphotographed chick has still not made it onto its feet, and indeed, its toes have not splayed out so that it can stand on them. We are beginning to wonder about the viability of this chick and whether it is deformed. Sad but real, I'm afraid.

The second chick is moving around, but not showing much of the normal chick behaviours yet, so we are keeping our fingers crossed for that one. I have given them both water this morning from a pipette and I have dipped their beaks into the water bowl in the box, so that might encourage them a little.

Apart from that, the FH is having a bath and getting his bag packed for the hospital. I have telephoned as instructed, to make sure that there is a bed available for him, so it is all systems go on that front.

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