Monday, 26 April 2010


I must have one of those personalities that people know that they can trust me! I now have three secrets to keep - some to do with friends, another to do with an organisation. I don't know how people who have to keep things confidential all the time manage as I love to discuss things with other people over a cup of tea and get their take on what is going on - but I can't in these cases, and it means that I am going to be glad when the times come for each of them to be secrets no more!!

Apart from my agony aunt work these past few days, I have been busy in the wash house - lots and lots of laundry has been out on the line in this wonderful weather we are still enjoying. We had a little blip in the record on Sunday when there was a little shower or two, but that was perfect for all the people running in the London Marathon as it freshened the air for them and made it more comfortable for running.

The veggie seedlings in the greenhouse are doing well - more tomatoes are through as well as the peppers, and there are more courgettes coming through as well. My free seeds from the BBC's Dig-In campaign arrived this morning - carrot, beans, courgette, basil and salad leaves, so I may plant some of those soon - probably not the courgette though as I am sure that the five plants I have already and the four more coming through are going to be plenty.

There was rather an embarassing moment in church on Sunday when my mobile phone went off in the middle of a prayer and I had to scurry off outside to turn it off - when I was turning it off before we went to chapel, I can't have held the "off" button down long enough! I think that next time it will be left in the car so that although we'll have it with us, it won't be in the chapel. One of my fellow members of the congregation is still taking the mickey out of me every time he sees me!! However, it would have been useful if the phone had been playing hymn tunes on Sunday morning as we had some challenges with the music for the hymns which the preacher wanted to play - the other worship leader and I have decided that we have to sort the music out once and for all!! Tis going to take quite some sorting as we have midi discs which are inserted into a keyboard to play the music and they are becoming old-fashioned these days, added to which we don't have a comprehensive index to tell us exactly what we do have and it is a recipe for disaster!

I'm off now to read some more of the latest Mma Ramotswe mystery from Botswana - The Double Comfort Safari Club. I do enjoy these very genteel tales from Alexander McCall Smith.

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Varis Creations said...

Oooo...thanks I didn't know there was a new installment of the number 1 detective agency out. Off to the library reservation website now.....