Tuesday, 6 April 2010

An outdoor kind of day

Today the weather has been glorious - just right for spring.

I have washed and line dried five loads of washing, dug over another garden bed and cultivated the other two (ie smashed up the large clods of earth to make a finer tilth), moved the Gold Partridge Orpingtons into their own pen, collected 19 eggs (19 - that's the record for this season - have to start making lemon curd, perhaps!), top-dressed and weeded the soil around the fruit trees in their pots on the back driveway - they are all in bud and I am hoping for more fruit than last year! I generally pottered about out there all day, coming in for an hour for a lunchbreak and otherwise only to reboot the washing machine and use the loo! The FH has been out there too - six chickens have been plucked today ready for the freezer, and he has done some woodwork too. I have done some tidying up in one of the hen runs as well so that they have more scratching areas and a perch.

The CPAP machine is not something he is going to get used to in a hurry. He manages about 5 or 6 hours a night so far, but then has to give up and take it off. He slept from 5am till 9am today without it, so he is almost sleeping as much without it as he is with it. I hope he will be able to keep it on for longer periods of time the more practise he has with it.

The chick is doing well and beginning to get feathers on the wings now - must take another photo tomorrow.

This evening, after we ate, the girls and I went to Tesco. It has been horrible to go during the day last week as people were buying like mad in the run-up to Easter, so it was refreshing to be able to walk the aisles tonight without being hindered.


Mrs. Mac said...

How nice to be outside working. And 19 eggs is quite a lot for a day. Our weather turned wacky today with snow, sleet, rain, and cook weather. Hoping our spring arrives soon.

Anonymous said...

Hope you have managed to make that Lemon Curd!

Morgan said...

Not yet! Have been looking for recipes but Mrs Beeton very disappointingly says that it will only keep 2-3 weeks in the fridge. I want a more robust product than that...will have to email the FH's sister as I know she makes it sometimes.

Lovely to have new visitors. Rain has kept me from doing too much in the garden today but I have put some seeds in pots in the greenhouse so all is not lost. Sitting at the computer tonight researching rare breeds of chickens.